Chamber Music

(almost always is nearly enough), flute and string trio (2022) — written for Ensemble Dal Niente.

branches turned into kindling, string quartet (2021) — recorded by JACK Quartet for NMOP 2021

fractures with grain, dust on the window-sill, violin, violoncello, and prepared piano (2020/2021) – written for Longleash, commissioned as part of the 2020/2021 Loretto Project

appearing | not appearing (i), reed quintet (2020)

ploughshares, redactions, and Pinter pauses, violin, violoncello, and piano (2019/2020) – written for Longleash

Electroacoustic and Multimedia

Untitled.exe, for percussion quartet, fixed media, and video (2022)

and then nothing turned itself inside-out, for computer-controlled organ and Max/MSP (2022)

phantom islands, saltwater superstructures, for piano, harp, and transducers (2022) — written for the 2022 Yarn/Wire Festival

through the night, softly, for reed quintet and acousmatic fixed media (2022)

Date not remembered, ensemble and electromagnetic field recording (2021/2022) – commissioned by Sketch351

an effusion of granite and splinters in your feet, prepared piano and acousmatic fixed media (2021)

wire splinters and collapses, video and acousmatic fixed media (2021)

long_come_vanish, two percussionists and video (2020) – commissioned by Catch 22

assembling, appearing (not appearing), for table-top electric guitar, video, and live electronics (2020)

Large Ensemble

vestiges and dry-erase ghosts, for two mezzo-sopranos and sixteen instruments (2020-2021)

dead parrot holy ghost, for orchestra (2020)

In a sleepier century, for four dancers and chamber orchestra (2017-2018) [choreography by Ben Howard and Holly Stone]

Music for Dance

Aigars Larionovs’ Rules of Engagement, fixed media (2019)

Anabel Bordelon’s And the Women Never Really Faint, fixed media (2019)

Bridget Close’s Consider the Source, piano and percussion (2019)

Holly Stone’s Quartet for Singers and Dancers, tenor and baritone voice (2019) – commissioned by Florida State University for the 2019 Honorary Doctoral Commencement of Allan Bense

Mikaila Ware’s Second-Hand Truths, fixed media (2017)