Kinetics (2020 – )

These works revolve around issues of formal perspective, drawing inspiration from kinetic sculptures and mobiles. Highly structuralist, this music questions and explores what spatial relationships mean to music’s construction as a whole.

fractures with grain, dust on the window-sill for Longleash (2021)

branches turned into kindling for the JACK Quartet (2021)

(almost always is nearly enough) for Ensemble Dal Niente (2022)

and then nothing turned itself inside-out for the Orgelpark Hyperorgan, Amsterdam, NL (2022)

new work for the New European Ensemble (2023)

Placemakers (2019 – )

These works are focused on the possibilities of placemaking through music, using data analysis, sonic extraction, and sonification practices to explore how we create and validate connections to place and space.

ploughshares, redactions, and Pinter pauses for Longleash (2019)

Date not remembered for Sketch351 (2022)

Say all before for Sketch351 (2022)

phantom islands, saltwater superstructures for Laura Barger and Kathryn Sloat (2022)

welcomed not belonging (acousmatic, 2022)