chamber music

wrenched through electrolite suspending (2024), ensemble and exciters — written for HYPERCUBE (Red Note New Music Festival), March 2024

gentle cycles of great yearning (2023), percussion quartet and exciters — written for Sandbox Percussion (residency at Brown University), February 2024

arborcoat, ensemble and exciters (2023) — written for Sketch351

slightly all the time, violin and guitar + transducer (2023) — written for the Darmstadt Ferienkurse

pulled apart and yielding, flute, viola, and harp (2023) — written for We Three (Amsterdam), May 2023

stretching compressed overexposing, ensemble (2023)

(almost always is nearly enough), flute and string trio (2022) — written for Ensemble Dal Niente.

branches turned into kindling, string quartet (2021) — recorded by JACK Quartet for NMOP 2021

fractures with grain, dust on the window-sill, violin, violoncello, and prepared piano (2020/2021) – written for Longleash, commissioned as part of the 2020/2021 Loretto Project

ploughshares, redactions, and Pinter pauses, violin, violoncello, and piano (2019/2020) – written for Longleash

multimedia + electroacoustic

ditherer, flute and live electronics (2023)

dreamt in lock-groove waves (2023), percussion trio, exciters, and live electronics — written for line upon line’s Winter Composer Festival, January 2024

love you forever and ever and ever (2023), chamber opera with live electronics — written for the Dutch National Opera’s Opera Forward Festival (Amsterdam)

Untitled.exe, for percussion quartet, fixed media, and video (2022)

and then nothing turned itself inside-out, for computer-controlled organ and Max/MSP (2022)

phantom islands, saltwater superstructures, for piano, harp, and transducers (2022) — written for the 2022 Yarn/Wire Festival

through the night, softly, for reed quintet and acousmatic fixed media (2022) — written for the Calefax Reed Quintet

Date not remembered, ensemble and electromagnetic field recording (2021/2022) – commissioned by Sketch351

an effusion of granite and splinters in your feet, prepared piano and acousmatic fixed media (2021)

wire splinters and collapses, video and acousmatic fixed media (2021)

long_come_vanish, two percussionists and video (2020) – commissioned by Catch 22

assembling, appearing (not appearing), for table-top electric guitar, video, and live electronics (2020)

large ensemble

vestiges and dry-erase ghosts, for two mezzo-sopranos and sixteen instruments (2020-2021)

dead parrot holy ghost, for orchestra (2020)

In a sleepier century, for four dancers and chamber orchestra (2017-2018) [choreography by Ben Howard and Holly Stone]


wrenched through electrolite suspending (2024)

gentle cycles of great yearning (2023)

ditherer (2023)

dreamt in lock-groove waves (2023)

arborcoat (2023)

slightly all the time (2023)

pulled apart and yielding (2023)

love you forever and ever and ever (2023)

stretching compressed overexposing (2023)