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  • ploughshares, redactions, and Pinter pauses

    Written for Longleash, 2019.

  • COVID Updates – Spring and Summer 2020

    As with most artists, I’ve had to rearrange a number of plans this summer, and many performances and premieres were postponed – however, there is still good news! • I have been chosen as a composer fellow for the 2020/ 2021 Loretto Project and will get the chance to spend the year working with Erin […]

  • Spring 2020 Performances

    My second collaboration with Lara Mitofsky Neuss, triptych-portrait for bass clarinet and Max/ MSP, will be performed at the University of Arizona’s TURN UP Multimedia Festival in March and at the International Clarinet Festival in Reno, Nevada in June. In April, the Longleash Trio will premiere my work ploughshares, redactions, and Pinter pauses at the […]

  • Summer 2019 Upcoming Performances

    On Wednesday, June 19th, Your being at the tender mercy of others (ii) will receive its Canadian premiere courtesy of Lara Mitofsky Neuss at Resonance Cafe in Montreal! Following that, Kentucky Derby will receive its premiere courtesy of loadbang in Charlotte, NC (date TBA).